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KPSP Setia Kawan

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Animal Feed | Keswan & IB | Animal Husbandry | Vehicle Services & General Supplies

Div. Savings and Loan


Cash | Goods | Healthy Cage | Milk Can & Pail | Biogas Reactor | Motor & Car | Umrah & Hajj

Div. Trade & Services

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Mini Market | Sapronak | Processed Products | Milk Shop

Milk and Cookies


Fresh milk

Always provide quality fresh milk



Disbursement of funds every 10 days | price of milk according to quality


Provision of special transportation facilities for fresh milk


All shelter posts are equipped with cooling machines (colling units), water heaters, Genzet.

Pos Susu

33 Milk shelter | 13 Village | Morning (05: 00-06: 30) | Afternoon (14: 30-16: 00)


Milk submitted to the cooperative must be genuine cow's milk and no water mixing or other substances | original milk color | original taste of milk.


Hygiene and sanitation are applied during milking. | Reducing bacterial contamination (TPC).

Abstract B
Quick Deposit

After being milked, it is immediately transferred to Pos Sus. | Maintain fresh milk.

Abstract C

Milk Quality Test in

Milk Shelter Post


01 / Alcohol Test

a test to determine the breakdown properties of milk protein.

The alcohol test becomes positive when the milk starts to become sour or has become acidic, the milk mixes with colostrum, at the onset of mastitis and the milk is unstable due to physiological changes.

02 / Density Test

test whether there is adulteration of milk | based on the density of milk.

The density of fresh milk is measured at a temperature of 27.5 0C in the range of 1.027-1.028 (SNI 2004)

03 / MBRT & TPC test

Methylene Blue Reductase Test ( MBRT ) | Total Plate Count (TPC)

The MBRT and TPC tests were carried out to determine the contamination of milk bacteria.

04 / Antibiotic Test

antibiotic reduction test on fresh milk

Treatment with antibiotics that are not according to proper procedures often creates residues that can cause serious problems for dairy farmers, the milk processing industry and consumers.

Fresh Milk Receiving System

Happy Farmer

Group performed

Dairy farmers deposit (send) fresh milk using the ABCD Method

Container Post
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Quality test

Test Alcohol: 76%

Specific Gravity: 1,023


Sample Fat | MBRT

Foreign Material | Antibiotics | Quantum

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(PHE / CU)
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Milk delivery

Delivery of milk from the Container Post to the Dairy Factory Industry (IPS).

Cool temperature is kept 4 Celsius.

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Loyal friend


Cooperatives & Banking provide milk sales to farmers.

Bills and Coins
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IPS deposit via Bank

Weekly production / quality data are sent to KPSP.

Payments are made every 10 days.

Image by Mehrshad Rajabi
(Dairy Processing Industry)

Packaged milk manufacturers

Fresh milk from the cooperative is processed to high quality and modern standards.

Alcohol Test 78% | Temperature 8 C | SNF | Fat | Protein | Lactose | TPC | KA | Physical contamination

KPSP Farm Setia Kawan


HMT & Corn Fodder

Faithful Grass Development

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Div. Loan Services *

*) All loan / credit services are paid in installments every 10 days through payment of fresh milk.



cash credit

Cash loan facility


Item credit

Milk Can, Cow Carpet, Cans, Animal Feed and basic needs of the members


Healthy Cage Development Credit

Build the cage of your dreams


Biogas Reactor Construction Credit

Biogas development loan


Cows purchase credit

Want to add production | added the cow


Building material credit

Loans for house construction


Car and Motorcycle Loans

Motorcycle & car purchase loans


Hajj and Umrah credits

Perform your noble worship immediately


Div. Trade & Services

Milk Shop

Enjoy warm milk and snacks in the atmosphere of G. Bromo

Mini Market

Groceries | Household Appliance | Cosmetics | Drug
Dairy Farm


Equipment & Animal Feed


Provide home building materials | cage

Biogas Development

Bio Gas

Biogas is an alternative fuel derived from livestock manure, including cows.

The best of all things considered:

Utilizing gas in livestock manure obtained from chemical reactions using simple applied technology.

The best of all things considered:

The total number of biogas that has been built is 1,523 units which are used for 1601 families, out of 6044 active breeders. (The number of breeders who have not been installed is 4,443 households).

Gas Burner